20 de jan de 2011

Labsincel: pesquisadores pelo mundo!!


Em 2010, mais uma vez, os pesquisadores do Labsincel participaram de importantes congressos científicos no exterior. The European Association for the Study of Diabetes e American Diabetes Association foram alguns deles. Confira abaixo a descrição dos trabalhos apresentados:

46th EASD - The European Association for the Study of Diabetes

Estocolmo, Suécia

- Hypothalamic leptin improves mitochondrial function in soleus muscle. The role of PI3K signalling.

E. A. Roman

Toll-like receptor 2 knock-out mice present iNOS - dependent insulin resistance.

A. M. Caricilli

- Hypothalamic dysfunction in obesity as evaluated by functional magnetic resonance image.

S. S. Lee

- Massive body mass lors leads to reduced endoplasmic reticulum stress and activation of antophagy in adipose tissue.

C. E. C. Nuñez

Cell Symposia

Lisboa, Portugal

- GRP94 integrates TLR4 signalling and endoplasmic reticulum stress.

A. Coope

- Low-grade hypothalamic inflammation leads to defective thermogenesis, insulin resistance, and impaired insulin secretion.

L. A. Velloso

- Insulin resistance and endoplasmic reticulum stress in male offspring from dams fed high fat diet during pregnancy and lactation.

A. S. Torsoni

- Reduction of endoplasmic reticulum stress markers in adipose tissue of diabetes and insulin resistant patients undergoing body man loss.

C. E. C. Nuñez

70th American Diabetes Association

Orlando, EUA

- The inhibtion of hypothalamic inflammatory signal reverts obesity-associated hepatic dysfunction.

M. Milanski

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