20 de jan de 2011

Retrospectiva 2010

Em 2010, os pesquisadores do Labsincel obteveram ótimos resultados. Confira a lista de publicações em revistas e periódicos científicos:

- Exercise intensity, inflammatory signaling, and insulin resistance in obese rats.

Da Silva Adelino S R; Pauli José R; Ropelle Eduardo R; Oliveira Alexandre G; Cintra Dennys E; De Souza Claudio T; Velloso Lício A; Carvalheira José B C; Saad Mario J A

Medicine and science in sports and exercise 2010;42(12):2180-8.

- Interferon (IFN) beta treatment induces major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class I expression in the spinal cord and enhances axonal growth and motor function recovery following sciatic nerve crush in mice.

Zanon R G; Cartarozzi L P; Victório S C S; Moraes J C; Morari J; Velloso L A; Oliveira A L R

Neuropathology and applied neurobiology 2010;36(6):515-34.

- Reduction of endoplasmic reticulum stress--a novel mechanism of action of statins in the protection against atherosclerosis.

Breder Ikaro; Coope Andressa; Arruda Ana Paula; Razolli Daniela; Milanski Marciane; Dorighello Gabriel de Gabriel; de Oliveira Helena C F; Velloso Lício A

Atherosclerosis 2010;212(1):30-1.

- UPR-mediated TRIB3 expression correlates with reduced AKT phosphorylation and inability of interleukin 6 to overcome palmitate-induced apoptosis in RINm5F cells.

Nicoletti-Carvalho José Edgar; Nogueira Tatiane C Araújo; Gorjão Renata; Bromati Carla Rodrigues; Yamanaka Tatiana S; Boschero Antonio Carlos; Velloso Licio Augusto; Curi Rui; Anhê Gabriel Forato; Bordin Silvana

The Journal of endocrinology 2010;206(2):183-93.

- Modulation of hypothalamic PTP1B in the TNF-alpha-induced insulin and leptin resistance.

Picardi Paty Karoll; Caricilli Andrea Moro; de Abreu Lélia Lelis Ferreira; Carvalheira José Barreto Campello; Velloso Lício Augusto; Saad Mário José Abdalla

FEBS letters 2010;584(14):3179-84.

- Acute exercise reduces hepatic glucose production through inhibition of the Foxo1/HNF-4alpha pathway in insulin resistant mice.

De Souza Cláudio T; Frederico Marisa J S; da Luz Gabrielle; Cintra Dennys E; Ropelle Eduardo R; Pauli José R; Velloso Lício A

The Journal of physiology 2010;588(Pt 12):2239-53.

- Activation of signal transducer and activator of transcription-1 (STAT-1) and differential expression of interferon-gamma and anti-inflammatory proteins in pelvic ileal pouches for ulcerative colitis and familial adenomatous polyposis.

Leal R F; Ayrizono M L S; Milanski M; Coope A; Fagundes J J; Velloso L A; Coy C S R

Clinical and experimental immunology 2010;160(3):380-5.

- Acute exercise reverses aged-induced impairments in insulin signaling in rodent skeletal muscle.

Pauli José R; Ropelle Eduardo R; Cintra Dennys Esper; De Souza Cláudio Teodoro; da Silva Adelino S R; Moraes Juliana C; Prada Patricia O; de Almeida Leme José A C; Luciano Eliete; Velloso Lício A; Carvalheira José B C; Saad Mario J A

Mechanisms of ageing and development 2010;131(5):323-9.

- Augmentation of insulin secretion by leucine supplementation in malnourished rats: possible involvement of the phosphatidylinositol 3-phosphate kinase/mammalian target protein of rapamycin pathway.

Filiputti Eliane; Rafacho Alex; Araújo Eliana P; Silveira Leonardo R; Trevisan Amon; Batista Thiago M; Curi Rui; Velloso Lício A; Quesada Ivan; Boschero Antonio C; Carneiro Everardo M

Metabolism: clinical and experimental 2010;59(5):635-44.

- Inflammatory response in a rat model of gastroschisis is associated with an increase of NF-kappaB.

Sbragia L; Schmidt A F; Moraes S; Bittencourt D G; Gonçalves F L L; Pereira L A V D; Velloso L A

Brazilian journal of medical and biological research = Revista brasileira de pesquisas médicas e biológicas / Sociedade Brasileira de Biofísica ... [et al.] 2010;43(2):160-5.

- Hypothalamic actions of tumor necrosis factor alpha provide the thermogenic core for the wastage syndrome in cachexia.

Arruda Ana Paula; Milanski Marciane; Romanatto Talita; Solon Carina; Coope Andressa; Alberici Luciane C; Festuccia William T; Hirabara Sandro M; Ropelle Eduardo; Curi Rui; Carvalheira José B; Vercesi Aníbal E; Velloso Licio A

Endocrinology 2010;151(2):683-94.

- The role of proliferator-activated receptor gamma coactivator-1alpha in the fatty-acid-dependent transcriptional control of interleukin-10 in hepatic cells of rodents.

Morari Joseane; Torsoni Adriana S; Anhê Gabriel F; Roman Erika A; Cintra Dennys E; Ward Laura S; Bordin Silvana; Velloso Lício A

Metabolism: clinical and experimental 2010;59(2):215-23.

- Central leptin action improves skeletal muscle AKT, AMPK, and PGC1 alpha activation by hypothalamic PI3K-dependent mechanism.

Roman Erika A F R; Reis Daniel; Romanatto Talita; Maimoni Denis; Ferreira Eduardo A; Santos Gustavo A; Torsoni Adriana S; Velloso Licio A; Torsoni Marcio A

Molecular and cellular endocrinology 2010;314(1):62-9.

- Acute exercise reverses TRB3 expression in the skeletal muscle and ameliorates whole body insulin sensitivity in diabetic mice.

Matos A; Ropelle E R; Pauli J R; Frederico M J S; de Pinho R A; Velloso L A; De Souza C T

Acta physiologica (Oxford, England) 2010;198(1):61-9.

- IL-6 and IL-10 anti-inflammatory activity links exercise to hypothalamic insulin and leptin sensitivity through IKKbeta and ER stress inhibition.

Ropelle Eduardo R; Flores Marcelo B; Cintra Dennys E; Rocha Guilherme Z; Pauli José R; Morari Joseane; de Souza Claudio T; Moraes Juliana C; Prada Patrícia O; Guadagnini Dioze; Marin Rodrigo M; Oliveira Alexandre G; Augusto Taize M; Carvalho Hernandes F; Velloso Lício A; Saad Mario J A; Carvalheira José B C

PLoS biology 2010;8(8):.

- Hypothalamic inflammation and obesity.

Araújo Eliana P; Torsoni Márcio A; Velloso Lício A

Vitamins and hormones 2010;82():129-43.

- Detection of epithelial apoptosis in pelvic ileal pouches for ulcerative colitis and familial adenomatous polyposis.

Leal Raquel F; Ayrizono Maria de Lourdes S; Milanski Marciane; Fagundes João J; Moraes Juliana C; Meirelles Luciana R; Velloso Lício A; Coy Cláudio S R

Journal of translational medicine 2010;8():11.

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